Track Review

Lo Voice Citty Boie Paints an Evocative Urban Soundscape on He Touches Me, We Touches You

God is Beautiful to be released this year
By John TurbulenceOctober 25, 2023

Hailing from the heartland of Detroit, Lo Voice Citty Boie delivers a potent sonic elixir with his recent single, "He Touches Me, We Touches You." It spirals out as an audacious prelude to his upcoming debut album, "God is Beautiful," carving out an intriguing amalgam of rap and R&B that is prime for the soul and apt for the city's backdrop.

"He Touches Me, We Touches You" unfolds like a vivid urban specter, capturing the raw texture of Detroit—a city defined by its gritty resilience. Boie's half-grained, half-silken vocals drape over pummeling backbeats, battered hi-hats, and spacious synths, encapsulating the heart of Motor City and the boundless range of human emotions encapsulated within its confines.

Lyrically, Boie carries the torch of classic Motown storytelling, interspersed with contemporary rap lingo, etching out a narrative that navigates love, longing, and street-etched wisdom. The track is an open testament, as much an introspective journey as it is an acknowledgment of communal bonds. It echoes the tacit rule of the block: unity in the face of adversity.

The production is brilliantly airtight, yet effortlessly lends an airy elegance to the track. The sonic landscape is enticingly built around the pulsating bassline that emulates a heartbeat, symbolizing life’s undulating rhythm. It offers a brilliant canvas for Boie's storytelling, creating an immersive soundscape that oscillates between R&B's emotive soulfulness and rap's incisive swagger.

With "He Touches Me, We Touches You," Lo Voice Citty Boie tightrope walks the line between vulnerability and audacity. The result is stirring—an affecting portrait of urban resilience, tactfully garnished with the gloom and gloss of vast cityscapes. The promise of "God is Beautiful" hangs heavy, excitedly waiting to unfurl in all its full-length glory.