Track Review

on god connor's Backpack Full of Chickens Delivers a Potent Hit of Raw Reality

Balancing Innocent Nonchalance with the Raw Realities of Youth Lost
By Fill JagsonOctober 26, 2023

"Backpack full of chickens," one of the standout tracks on the soon to be released record "Show N Tell," is teen rapper "on god connor's" unnervingly playful anthem – a headlong dive into his premature descent into the underworld of drug deals. Through his verses, the "chickens" aren't merely drugs; they're a metaphor for the stolen innocence of countless youths caught in the inescapable grip of street life.

Connor's lyrics are cloaked in an almost youthful nonchalance, a chilling contrast to the gravity of what he maps throughout the three-and-a-half-minute runtime. He spits verses with an admirable restraint, skillfully steering clear of sensationalism, relying on the weight of his life experiences to drive home the track's sobering message.

The ominous drum beats and perfectly pitch-shifted vocals set an intoxicating soundscape that draws listeners into the murky world Connor paints. The production is far from flashy but does its job convincingly, proving to be an apt base for the torrent of reality Connor delivers unfiltered.

On the surface, "backpack full of chickens" may seem like a run-of-the-mill tale of the urban jungle, but Connor transforms it into a meticulously crafted narrative of childhood interrupted. His chilling storytelling and poise reflect a maturity that both startles and captivates, leaving us marveling at his artistry and mournful for the innocence lost to his harsh realities.

"Backpack full of chickens" is more than a track—it's a wake-up call served up with sharp lyrics, an infectious beat, and the grim truth about a pocket of our society we'd rather deny. Undeniably, Connor has made his mark not just as a rapper to watch, but as an audacious poet of his generation's unheard.