2 bad boys and a bottle of burnett's

Black Out Brittany
By Mark Methodist
LABEL: Forever SummerGENRE: PopREVIEWED: October 27, 2023

Black Out Brittany's unfiltered audacity gives birth to a relentless roller coaster of intoxicating pop anthems, despite lacking narrative diversity and introspective depth.

In "2 bad boys and a bottle of burnett's," Black Out Brittany invites us into a world of heady nights and pop-fuelled mayhem. Her album serves generous shots of exuberance, music throbbing with the relentless beat of 3 am city lights, yet the aftertaste—much like Burnett's, one might argue—is not entirely pleasant.

From the jump, the album gives you an unstable sense of reality that a techno-nightmare couldn't replicate better. The opening track "has anyone seen my phone?" is a pulsating frenzy, Brittany's worry about her mobile device hammered into your cortex through resonant beats. It's a catchy number, bewildering in its alarm, yet filled with stuttering echoes of one's drunken fumbles.

The narrative continues with "call yer guy," an unfettered dive into intermittent flings and inaccessible connections, likely to be summoned only after the clock strikes midnight. Despite its repetitiveness, Brittany's deliverance is as feisty as ever; her charm remains unscathed through the hazy confusion of a song that could have used a little more direction.

Yet, just as we start to feel the narrative might lack depth, "leave u on read" displays a surprising emotional detachment. Clinging to empowered indifference might seem like a hollow victory, but Brittany's execution and the choice of suave electronic whispers still give the track a unique angle and a catchy flavor.

Meanwhile, "i don't wanna fuck, i just wanna black" features one of the edgiest lyrics on the album: "I just took a shot with my black friend - in a black Benz - and now I think he wants to cum in". This brazen line epitomizes the provocative spirit of the entire album. Brittany leaps across societal constraints, landing unscathed on a fearless platform of in-your-face candor.

The pulsating party anthems and fuel-injected melodies of the album are admittedly infectious, yet "2 bad boys and a bottle of burnett's" seldom strays beyond its wild-child blueprint. It's a raucous celebration of unchecked youth, but the intoxicating fun, upon closer examination, sprawls out as a blurred monotone.

Where is the quiet aftermath of wild parties? The 4 am confessions and the sobering dawn? A trace of vulnerability could add layers, turn this into a rich tapestry of youth, rather than a continuous stream flashing in sequin-embellished neon.

That said, this album marks a welcome departure from pop’s penchant for introspective sojourns. Brittany successfully reignites the raw spirit of unabashed fun that was once a pop music staple. Vibrant pop rhythms, hypnotic loops, and fierce audacity culminate in an immersive joy ride through a nocturnal landscape of youthful exploits.

"2 bad boys and a bottle of burnett's" feels like a sonic equivalent of a confetti explosion. Each track flashing, glittering, and eventually fading into the next, forming a disco ball of wild nights and youthful recklessness. Though the album does not scratch beyond the glittered surface, it certainly blinds you with its dazzling, high-octane spirit.

To its credit, "2 bad boys and a bottle of burnett's" is undeniably adventurous. It pulls you into a captivating chaos, a kaleidoscope of reckless energy and a whirl of nonsensical fun. Each song—an earring found on a wooden floor after daybreak, a smudge of lipstick on a crystal rim—is a memento from Brittany's wild night-long narratives.

To summarize, Black Out Brittany's "2 bad boys and a bottle of burnett's," although being a repetitive on-theme party, still contains a lure that's hard to resist. Beneath the persistent surface of pounding beats and raunchy lyrics, it's clear that Brittany holds potential to exhibit authentic maturity in her future exploits. Nevertheless, the album does manage to capture the quintessential essence of her make-believe world where every night is a call for celebration. In this kaleidoscopic world, amidst all its rough edges, you will often find hidden gems that hint at burgeoning greatness hidden beneath the wild-child persona.