Spotify CEO Teams up with The Locust, Announces New Album

A Corporate-Punk Collision in "Elk and His Kooky Masked Sons"
By Brick BilzerianOctober 13, 2023

Corporate titan meets punk rock legend in a partnership that reads like fodder for April fools' day. Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, is swapping his spreadsheet for a score sheet, teaming up with The Locust's frontman, Bobby Bray, to create an album dubbed "Elk and His Kooky Masked Sons."

The announcement solicits intrigue, opening up a world of surrealist musings on what could emerge from the fusion of a music streaming mogul and an unorthodox, hardcore punk band. Titled as playfully eccentric as its collaborators, "Elk and His Kooky Masked Sons" already signals a promising departure from the usual.

With The Locust's historical antagonism towards streaming platforms, this collaboration feels like a ceasefire in a longstanding battle. Could this remarkable alliance foster a constructive dialogue between artists grappling with digital distribution and the conglomerates that rule that realm?

Bray beamed, "We've always kicked against the industry's evolutions. But when Daniel Ek looked past the corporate veil and revealed a genuine affinity for our work, we had to investigate this interesting intersection." "Elk and His Kooky Masked Sons," stands as a testament to music's universal language that transcends boundaries. It holds a promise of delivering a sound as unique as its creators—a mashup that could redefine paradigms in the music industry.

As the world awaits this unprecedented concoction of business acumen and punk ethos, one thing is crystal clear: this collaboration hits a unique chord, showcasing the power of music to bridge disparate realms. Let the anticipation crescendo, for this sonic match-made-in-the-unlikeliest-of-heavens is set to play very soon.