Love is Blind Producer Confirms All Music in Season 5 was Written by a Sex Addicted Clown

Crooned from the Dark Corners of a Clown's Psyche
By Prandon GunzolizOctober 14, 2023

"Love is Blind”, the reality show heavy-hitter on Netflix, recently revealed a strange truth for its fifth season: every single piece of music was conceptualized and written by a sex-addicted clown. Before you erupt into surprised laughter, take a moment, as we dissect how this improbable decision plays out in reality.

Season 5 of "Love is Blind”, a show infamous for its outrageous premise, seemingly tried to find compatibility in the incongruity of its music selection—an audacious move but one that ended up backfiring. The musical accompaniment that carried viewers through their journey lacked the depth and meaningful impact that one might expect from an unconventional artist's input.

The music didn’t bring forth the emotional tenor typically attached to the exploration of connections built in the peculiar love pods. Rather, it leaned heavily toward predictability, offering melodies as flat and indistinguishable as the participants' grasp on reality—a reality founded on the eccentric foundations of unexpected engagement.

From the trite harmonies that decorated each unveiling moment to the clichéd melancholia that serenaded on-screen breakups, the clown's contribution was notably uninspired. Perhaps it's a strange testament to the chaotic, disordered effervescence of the clown's life—a stark contrast to love within the controlled conditions of the ‘pods’.

This new revelation amplifies the creeping sense of discomfort that the show pokes its viewers with, as they navigate the labyrinth of reality TV love. The show's soundtrack, like its premise, seems removed from reality - an eerie reflection of an environment that teeters dangerously on the edge of absurdity.

Season 5’s unexpected revelation proves that the show that surprised us with its premise can still offer shocking surprises—although not always in the most harmonious of ways. Amid the collective scratching of heads post-revelation, audiences around the world are left hoping that the next season brings a relationship, both on-screen and off, that brings some semblance of musical sense.